What is SEAPCO’s Adapted Physical Education Program?

Adapted Physical Education is creating, managing, and monitoring a carefully designed physical education instructional program for a learner with a disability, based on a comprehensive assessment, to give the learner the skills necessary for a lifetime of rich leisure, recreation, and sport experiences to enhance physical fitness and wellness.


Entry and Exit Criteria

Students are considered for Adapted PE services when an identified delay or disability interferes with their capacity to demonstrate age-appropriate gross motor skills, including loco-motor movements and object control skills, thus impacting their ability to participate in and benefit from the regular physical education curriculum.  When students are able to safely and actively participate with modifications provided by the regular physical educator, Adapted PE services are typically discontinued.

Below is a link to the ICAPE's Entry & Exit Criteria:


Assessment Instruments

  • Observation
  • Informal skills testing
  • Standardized skills testing (For example: TGMD-2)
  • Teacher-created curriculum-based skills checklists


Instruction in the Least Restrictive Environment

The IEP is designed to meet the individual abilities of the child in the least restrictive environment. Some children will receive consultation to assist in making curriculum modifications.  This often occurs in the general physical education (GPE) setting and may involve peer tutors or assistants. When more complex modifications to the curriculum are needed, the Adapted PE instructor may provide direct instruction.  This service may be delivered within the GPE classroom, in a separate class setting with peers, or in a one-to-one setting between the student and the instructor.


Goals, Objectives, and Benchmarks

The Adapted PE Teacher will identify goals for each child that are based upon the child's needs and correlated with the Illinois State Learning Standards.  Individual benchmarks of progress toward each objective give indications of the steps involved in developing new skills.  The Adapted PE objectives and benchmarks are based on each individual's motor skills.


Physical Education and the IEP

Physical Education activities may include:

  • Physical and motor fitness

  • Fundamental motor skills and patterns

  • Health-related physical fitness; and

  • Skills in aquatics, dance, individual and group games, recreation/leisure activities, and sports


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