SEAPCO Finances 

This section on the finances of the cooperative presents information on the annual budget, the financial results (The Annual Financial Report), the collective bargaining agreement that documents the salaries and benefits of many of SEAPCO employees, and an annual report on administrative compensation. Many of the documents presented on our website are required under state law.

SEAPCO is funded primarily by its member school districts as they pay for the services provided by SEAPCO. SEAPCO also receives limited funding from the State of Illinois through the State Board of Education and approximately 20% of its funding comes from various federal agencies. Generally, the state and federal laws applicable to financial reporting by local school districts such as the state forms that must be used in the presentation of the information and the due dates are applicable to SEAPCO as a special education cooperative. 

Questions regarding SEAPCO’s finances should be directed to Dave Cratty, Finance Manager at SEAPCO’s Bartonville office (309-697-0880).

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